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December 20, 2019

Trucking Safety Tips

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Being a truck driver can sometimes be very dangerous, mainly because you will be on the road for long periods, and don't always know what to expect. If you are new to truck driving, make sure to start with an experienced driver that can give you pointers and help you stay safe. Here are a few tips to keeping you safe on the road while being a truck driver. 

Drive cautious

Traffic cones

As you know, driving in a big truck makes it hard to see every angle around you. Even when doing a head check, it's hard to tell if someone is on the side of you. So try avoiding lane changes as much as possible, this will keep you and the ones around you a lot safer. If you ever feel like there is a possibility that you may be getting over on another car stop and slow down to make sure you are avoiding any chance of a collision. 

Wear a seatbelt 

Just like with every vehicle, a seatbelt can guarantee a better chance for safety. Past surveys show that one in six truck drivers don't use a belt; while it is very unsafe; it is also illegal. Wearing a seatbelt can be a life or death situation if an accident ends up happening. 

Be prepared

Being ready on the road and knowing ahead of time what to watch for will help ensure your safety. If you will be driving into a new stop, pull to the side first and take a walk to check your surroundings. Make sure everything is safe before you start to drive again. Avoid driving through construction sites and narrow roads. Even if your Truck GPS says that it's safe always check your Truck Atlas to make sure. Unlike a GPS, an Altas will know the specific road you can drive on. Some Truck GPS's may have a few streets that a truck may not be able to fit through. 

Getting your rest

Getting your rest is going to help you to have a better experience on the road and could even prevent a crash. Make sure to get enough sleep the night before, and have a healthy nutritious breakfast before you leave in the morning. If you start to feel tired, pull over to the side of the road and skip around a bit until you know it will be safe to drive again. It is better to take a break than to cause a collision. Being tired on the road can be as dangerous as drunk driving and is not recommended. Getting in a quick workout while you are pulled over can get your blood flowing and help you stay awake while you are on the road. Caffeine drinks are also useful for keeping you awake, but they also have faulty side effects, so it is not recommended. Drink lots of water and get your meals in to stay healthy and keep your blood pumping. 

Government Recommendations

According to The United States Department of Transportation, there are nine must do's to stay safe on the road as a truck driver. They have written a very detailed article on the topic that I suggest you read if you want to continue to be safe while you're on the roads. They include terms like defense, the signal for safety, know when to slow, and more. Their article includes many more terms that can benefit your driving.  

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