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December 20, 2019

Should You go to Trucking School in the Winter?

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This is a commonly asked question for students trying to find the right time to learn how to drive a truck, but it's also a hard question to answer unless you know what you want. Is it better to go to driving school during the winter or to wait till summer? Here's a list of pros and cons. You can decide for yourself, depending on your wants or needs. 

Driving time

If you're the type of student that thinks it's essential always to have as much time as possible with your instructor, operating in the winter might be what you're looking for. During the winter, there are a lot fewer students signing up, and that means each instructor will have fewer students to teach. This gives you more time to drive and more experience on the road. 

While on the other hand if you learn best with the influence of other classmates and like to have someone to study with and discuss situations, waiting to take the class in the summer might be a better idea. 

Learning sooner than later

During driving school, you will have a professional driver right by your side to get you on track, and if you learn how to drive in the winter, operating in the summer will be a piece of cake. It is often better to learn the harder parts of driving sooner than later. If you decide to learn in the summer, that would mean once winter comes around you'd have to learn how to operate in the snow, with no instructor there to help you. 

If you've never driven in the snow or ice before it might be a good idea to learn how to drive in it with a smaller vehicle first to better your learning, if the thought of driving a big semi in the snow scares you, and you think learning how to drive it before jumping straight into the hard stuff is more comfortable for you, it might be better to wait until summer. 

Holiday time

During the summer there aren't as many big holidays making it a lot easier for you to spend that time at school than it would during the holidays while the family is visiting. You will also have a lot of studying and work you will have to put forth on your own time, so finding time to spend with your family might be harder than during the summer. 

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