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December 20, 2019

Best Truck Driving Apps 2019

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While truck driving can be amazing, it can also be very stressful, but it all really depends on the resources you have. With the digital age we live in, technology is improving for many different industries, trucking included. These days nearly everyone has a phone and a great benefit for truckers are the apps they can use. There are navigation apps for semi-trucks, GPSs, apps finding nearby truck stops, fuel savings apps, and even apps to find somewhere to park overnight.  There are also great apps that help trucking companies manage business operations such as dispatch, tasks, and hours. Some of the apps aren’t specifically for truck drivers but are great ways to keep in touch with family while out of town. Below is our list of the best truck driving apps. 

Apps for trucking navigation

Driving a semi truck comes with a new set of needs and requirements such as which roads you are allowed to travel, where you can park overnight, and places to fuel up among other things. These are some helpful apps that will make the adjustment a lot easier. 

DAT app logo

DAT Trucker

DAT trucker is an app that is used to help drivers find nearby truck stops, travel plazas, diesel prices, truck friendly hotels, and service.

Fuel Book app icon

Fuel Book 

Fuel Book is an app that helps you save money on your fuel, it is determined to make finding hard complex discounts easier to understand so you can get the best prices. 

Road Breakers app icon

Road Breakers

The Road Breakers App is used to help truckers find an overnight place to park. This app can show over 100 spots near you and is perfect for when you need to stop and rest. 

Trucker Path 

Trucker Path app icon

Trucker Path is an app that helps you navigate paths to truck stops, weigh stations & scales, check fuel prices, rest areas, real-time parking availability, and GPS. Great app for new drivers.

Trucking business management apps

There is more to trucking than just driving from one place to another. There are other responsibilities such as dispatch, task management, and hours logged to name a few. Here are some apps to make things a little simpler.


Samsara app icon

Samara is a free app that provides drivers with their dispatch job management, driver-vehicle inspection reporting (DVIR), and hours of service (HOS). This helps make less paperwork and improved compliance in the company. It also has a strong visibility to be seen across the entire fleet. 

Truck Loads

Truck Loads app icon

Truck Loads is a 100% free app used to search through available freight using searches such as trailer type, pickup date, destination, and deadhead.  

Trello app icon


Trello is an app used to customize tasks, and give you an overview of everyone else’s, and when they’ve been completed. It’s described as a white board with post it notes.This app is good for assigning jobs.

Big Road Truck Driver

Big Road Truck Driver app icon

Big Road Truck Driver is the #1 pick when it comes to logging hours for owner-operators, drivers, and fleets, and is made for iPhone and iPad users! It is a great app for helping you track your hours of service.

Apps that help you stay close to family members while on the road

One of the biggest downsides to driving truck is being away from your friends and family for long periods of time. It can be hard on drivers and their families, but there are some great apps you can use to stay in touch.

Whatsapp icon


Whatsapp is a very popular messaging and voice over IP service that is owned by facebook. Using this app you can send messages, videos, voice calls, documents, and your location. 

Skype app icon


Skype can be used for voice chatting as well as video calls. , this can be done between pairs of users or even used for a conference call. 

Garden app icon


Garden is designed to help you stay in contact with friends and family. It is a personal relationship management app that sends regular reminders to reach out to the important people in your life.

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