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November 26, 2019

The Benefits of Working for a Small Trucking Company

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Throughout the years there has been a lot of talk about the small trucking companies, and if they are even worth considering to work for. Small truck driving companies often get a bad rap causing  less drivers to want to work there. This is very unfair to the small truck driving community because there are a lot of benefits from working with a smaller company that you wouldn't get while working in a bigger one. Below we will list a few reasons why choosing to be a truck driver for a small trucking company can be a better choice and even sometimes offer you more for your wallet.  

Better workloads

While most larger trucking companies tend to give their workloads to company drivers. Small trucking companies have a bigger chance of splitting it up using company drivers and owner-operators as well. This in return makes it easier to receive competitive compensation packages which can help you get more for offers on jobs you want, and a better chance for you to get those extra jobs if needed.

Better relationships in the company

Being part of a team with a smaller trucking company means getting to know your coworkers and even your manager better, and makes it easier for you to know your making a bigger difference, since your able to know the whole team better and make relationships with the people you work with and for. Your impact does not go unnoticed. When oftentimes working for a bigger company your effort has less opportunity to be noticed, because it’s very common that you won't get the chance to meet or see your manager.

More flexible hours

Because in a small trucking company you usually have more time with the manager, it gives you a better chance to show him the impact you make in the company. Your employer will see how much you give to the company and be more willing to let you take time away when needed, especially when you put forth more effort and time, this will give you a better chance when needing time off for a family emergency. You will also be able to know your co-workers and can scheduling your time around theirs to help when you can’t come into work.

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