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December 20, 2019

Are you meant to be a CDL truck driver?

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Are you meant to be a CDL truck driver?

Are you interested in becoming a CDL truck driver? Becoming a truck driver can be a tough decision, and knowing what’s ahead of you can help you make your decision. It’s an easy pick for those who want to make extra cash fast, but it comes with a lot of commitments. It can also be a great career path with a concise amount of training and increased earning potential. When deciding whether to choose CDL truck driving, here are a few questions to consider.

Do you want to start your career with a high income?

Right now, there is a huge shortage of drivers across the nation. And at C.T.C. Trucking, we value our loyal drivers highly and offer wage increases every 6-months. We also provide yearly bonuses and referral bonuses, allowing you to earn and save more each year.

Do you have a desire to travel?

Nature is out there, ready to be explored. The views and landscaping around the world are incredible, and when you drive a truck, you can see some of the places others never see in their lifetime. You have a variety of opportunities to travel beyond your hometown and explore incredible sites and meet new people.

Do you prefer to work alone?

Many people enjoy working alone, and that’s okay! While driving a truck, you have the opportunity of working in peace. You are open to explore your thoughts or listen to podcasts or audiobooks while you drive.



If you don’t prefer working with people all the time, but still want to communicate occasionally, truck drivers still have the opportunity to interact with people at drop-off and pickup locations. You also get the occasional radioing between drivers and dispatchers.

You Don’t Want to Go to School?

After spending most of your early life in school, many people want a break from the schooling system but still want a career with high-earning potential. Rather than spending years in school and drowning yourself in tuition debt, CDL school only takes weeks and offers high-income potential starting out.

Do you want an important job?

Drivers are crucial to America, and truck drivers are needed now more than ever. Without our truck drivers, our economy would stop dead in its tracks. By earning your CDL and driving for C.T.C., you are a part of a team that helps keep the lights running and our economy growing for thousands.

If you are interested in becoming a truck driver for a small trucking company with very few nights away from home, C.T.C Trucking is the place to go. You can call us at (801) 441-0373 or contact us online.