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February 13, 2020

What is a Straight Truck?

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What is a Straight Truck?

A straight truck is very similar to a regular tractor-truck except that on a straight truck, the tractor can not be removed from the back of the truck because it only has a single frame. Straight trucks usually resemble a U-Haul truck and are mainly used for moving furniture, housing supplies, boxes, refrigerators, and washers or dryers. The primary purpose of this vehicle is for families wanting to move out of their houses. However, this truck is still used for a variety of other things as well. 

The door of a straight truck resembles that of a garage door, sliding up from the bottom. A straight truck can hold up to around 33,000 pounds on average, but this varies between each truck as not all straight trucks are made the same. There are even other straight trucks that have a detachable box that can be removed from off of the back of the truck. 

What is the difference between a tractor truck and a straight truck?

Tractor trucks are used to haul trailers back and forth from destinations. They are also able to remove the a tractor from the back of the truck and attach other tractor trailers to the back. 

A straight truck on the other hand doesn’t have a trailer hooked to the back that is able to be removed, instead it carries a box that is usually attached to the truck. As see in the images below. 

How much can you earn from driving a straight truck?

Not a lot of people think about someone driving a straight truck when they think of the truck driving industry. But, while it might not be as tough as manly as driving a big semi-truck it still is considered truck driving. Driving a straight truck gives a lot of drivers the potential to be able to drive truck without the fears and worries of being a Class A CDL truck driver. On average a person driving a straight truck earns around $30,000 a year. The minimum that a straight truck driver gets is around $22,000, but can get up to $50,000 with hard work and credibility. 

How long is a straight truck?

Straight trucks come in many sizes and lengths. So its size will depend on the brand and make of the vehicle. On average the truck can be anywhere from 10 to 26 feet long in length. It’s height, which is also determined by the make and model, is usually around six to eight feet tall. 

What type of vehicles are considered straight trucks?

There are a variety of vehicles that could be considered a straight truck such as, most UHAUL’s, some dumpster trucks, pickup trucks with boxed areas and weight/freight exceeding the amount of 10,001 lbs, moving trucks, and many others. A straight truck can also be referred to as a box truck, cube truck, cube van, and others. 

What makes straight trucks so unique?

  • On average, someone who drives a straight truck will not need to get a CDL driver’s license because most of these trucks don’t go over the limit of 26,001 lbs. 
  • Most of these truckers get to be home daily with their family. 
  • Truck drivers usually get a lot of benefits because they are working in a job environment that is very crucial to society. 

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