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December 20, 2019

The Top Ten Gifts for a Truck Driver

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Do you have a spouse or family member who drives a truck and have no idea what to get them as a gift? Most truck drivers are on the road for more than 60% of the time, which includes holiday time. It’s important when getting gifts for a truck driver to consider getting them something that will work for them while they're in the truck. Here are the top ten gifts you can give to a truck driver that they will actually use and love!

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#1 Truck Route GPS 

Truck drivers often have to use maps for their directions and to figure out where they are going because a lot of the GPS's and apps out there are used for small cars that will fit through places that most trucks can’t. Getting your truck driver a truck route GPS can help them avoid the maps and get to where they need to go faster and let’s face it. It’s a gift they are bound to use. 

#2 Wireless Headset (Bluetooth) 

Bluetooth headset

When it comes to being on the roads for long periods of time you can bet one thing for sure, it can get tiring, and driving with a phone in your hand is illegal for a commercial vehicle which is why the wireless Bluetooth phone headset is perfect for when they need to make a call or want to talk with a family member. 

#3 Truck Driver Comfort Cushion 

The truck driver seat cushion is made for a trucker or driver who will be on the road for a long period of time. It helps relieve the point of contact pressure and helps with lower back discomfort. 

#4 Heated Electric Blanket

Stack of blankets

As you know being a truck driver can mean you’ll be making frequent stops and sometimes will be on the roads throughout the night. A heated electric blanket will make getting rest easier and more comfortable. 

#5 XM Satellite Radio

Everyone knows that when it comes to sitting in a car for a long time it's nice to have music to listen to. With an XM satellite radio, you can listen to any number of songs and talk radio stations on the go, whenever you want.  

#6 Cargo Cooler

Cargo coolers are great for on the go snacks and even lunches, they ensure that meals stay fresh and tasting as good as ever. This is the perfect gift for a truck driver that is going to be eating their meals on the road. 

#7 Truck Atlas

For truckers driving on the road means a lot of time staring at maps and figuring how to get to where they need to go. Getting a Truck Atlas can be a very valuable gift if it is the right kind and one that is easier to read. 

Neatly organized set of items

#8 Shower Kit

Showers are hard to come by for a trucker, but having to buy the supplies to take one each time your at a stop isn't very fun. Having a shower kit with all the essentials ready to go and easy to use will be a lifesaver when the time comes.  

#9 Truck Mattress


Having to pay for a place to sleep can be a waste of time and money, especially when all a trucker driver needs is a comfortable nap before the next drive. There are now truck mattresses made with a driver's comfort in mind, keeping them relaxed and ready for the next job. 

#10 Portable Vehicle Safe

Most truckers like to make extra cash with them just in case, but having to take it with you every time you need to go inside somewhere isn't always fun. With a portable vehicle safe it keeps your valuables safe, even when you're not there to protect them. 

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