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March 16, 2020

The Top 15 Tools Every Trucker Should Carry in the Truck

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Truck drivers are on the road for a long time, and even though truck drivers aren’t required to have mechanical skills, there are a few tools and tricks that every trucker should have just in case. If you are one of those truck drivers that like to be prepared for every situation in advance, these tools are perfect for you. 

#1 Tool Box

Before you gather all your must-have tools, you need somewhere to put them in order to keep them safe and ensure they don’t get lost. Find a toolbox that has a lot of slots and spaces; that way, your tools will be easy to find and stay organized for fast uses. 

#2 Gloves

Every truck driver needs a nice pair of gloves for the drive. Gloves will keep your hands warm and help eliminate cuts and scratches when you need to fix a big problem. 

#3 Flashlights (2)

There will be plenty of times when you will be on the road at night time, make sure to have some flashlights just in case you need to check your truck for any damages or inspections during the night. 

#4 Adjustable Wrenches

You will want to have at least one adjustable wrench in case you don’t have the right size wrench for the right job. 

#5 Combination Wrench Set

A combination wrench set is a great tool to have in the truck because you don’t know what size or shape you will need for future problems. The combination wrench comes with open and boxed ends making it perfect for an unknown job. 

#6 Dog Bone Wrench

The dog bone wrench is a multifunction wrench that is equipped with a magnet and is great for getting in those awkward spaces. 

#7 Wire Cutters and Electrical Tape

Never leave without the proper wire cutters. If you happen to have a bald spot on one of your wires, wire cutters and electrical tape will help you get to the shop for a nice fix-up. 

#8 Screw Driver Set

You never know when you will need to tighten a screw on your truck. Having a screwdriver in your truck can be a lifesaver if the situation calls for it.

#9 Safety Glasses

Having safety glasses can protect your eyes if you ever need to fix something on your truck. Another great tool to have in your truck is a nice pair of sunglasses. You never know when you will have to drive against the sun. 

#10 Box Knife

Make sure to get a good knife that will last you a long time; it is best to find one that has a lifetime warranty.

#11 Tire Depth Gauge

You don’t want to be on the freeway when your tire blows out, make sure you always have a tire depth gauge. This will help you know if your tires need to be pumped before starting your next drive. 

#12 Extra Belts and Hoses

Every truck driver needs to have extra belts and hoses in case their truck breaks down. If you rely on another person to come and fix these for you, it can cost a lot of time and money. Make sure you know how to change out a hose on your own to save some time.

#13 Metal Dowel Rod

A metal dowel rod is perfect for breaking ice on frozen breaks. If you are planning to drive in the winter months, this is a must-have. But, you can damage your breaks if this is not done correctly. Make sure to find tutorials that show you how to use this tool correctly. 

#14 Hammer

Hammers are a must-have for every truck driver. They are great tools to keep with you in case of emergencies. They are also great for a quick check for low tire pressure. 

#15 First Aid Kit

First aid kits are a must-have necessity. You never know when you will get cut or hurt on the road. Make sure to have all the proper bandages to help you heal properly when needed. 

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