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March 18, 2021

How Computer Software is Revolutionizing the Trucking Industry

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Trucks run an essential part in this world; in fact, without trucks, you wouldn't have food, clothes, furniture, and many other vital necessities. Now because trucks are in high demand, it is often hard to find enough drivers to fill all of those jobs, which is why the idea for self-driving trucks began to take flight. That's right! Computerized self-driving trucks are starting to be a reality. Now, if you are a truck driver, you probably have millions of questions running through your head. How does an autonomous truck work? Will truck drivers lose their jobs? When will this all take place? And we have all of the answers for you right here.

How does a self-driving truck work?

So, you've heard about the self-driving truck and wanted to do some research. I can help. A self-driving semi-truck looks a lot alike to a standard truck but uses scientific technology to run on its own, rather than needing a driver at the wheel. How? You may ask, well, there are four main parts that make this possible. To function correctly, scientists had to copy some of the senses that humans use when driving a truck, such as sight, sound, and motion. An autonomous truck has a camera located on the top of the truck to see everything around it as well as laser sensors and radars, so sense whether objects are when objects are close to the truck. Using the sensors and camera the truck is able to see the lines on the road and stay inside them when needed. They also know when a car or object is on the side of them which helps prevent a crash. Most truckers wonder how well this computerized truck does when a lousy car cuts them off. Well, its response is immediate because of its ability to sense motion. When this was tested on the road, the self driving truck was able to slow down as needed and prevent a crash from occurring due to this situation. It's definitely hard to believe, especially if you are a truck driver. The idea of a self-driving truck scares truck drivers, both because they might be losing their job and because something like this doesn't seem like it would be safe, but let's be honest here. If a self-driving truck posed more of a threat than a human driver, they wouldn't be legally allowed to drive on the road. This is why lots of research and manpower have gone into this type of technology, making it safer than ever and more reliable. 

Will Truck Drivers Lose Their Jobs?

We do know that this new discovery may result in truck drivers losing their jobs, but the amount of truckers that will suffer this tragic loss is unknown. Most truckers have only graduated at a highschool level, and are making a good amount of money being on the roads, but losing their jobs may lead to families without a father's income supporting them. But, it's too soon to worry, even when these self-driven trucks fill the roads, truck drivers will still be needed. Because, having someone in the back, or in the driver's seat of the truck in case of an emergency will be highly recommended. 

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