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February 16, 2022

How Does Truck Driving Affect the Economy?

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How Does Truck Driving Affect the Economy?

The importance of truck driving can not be overstated. Forget transporting products, without the trucking industry the manufacturing of those products wouldn’t exist in the first place. If companies couldn't transport and secure the raw materials shipped to each manufacturer, it wouldn’t wouldn’t be possible for each one to produce their products let alone transport those products to the retail locations. At the end of the process we have now, a truck receives a finished product, which it will again transport to the place it's put up for sale or storage etc. Without that process it would be unrealistic for us to buy anything that isn’t produced locally, and it would also limit what we are able to produce. It keeps our entire economy running on the base level of every industry we have. Trucking helps us internationally on so many levels!

Let's break this down and explore some of the different ways trucking directly affects the economy.


From every material known to man, including plastics, metals, fabrics, trucking is what gets these materials to their correct location in a timely manner so they can be processed into sellable goods. The technology you’re using to read this article, the phone or computer that is a modern day necessity couldn’t even be produced, let alone shipped out to another location once created. You wouldn’t be reading this article now without the trucking industry (but no need to thank us). 

Grocery stores ship their imported foods in trucks that are specially made into refrigeration units to bring all the perishable goods over from international destinations, simply so we can eat out of season fruits or vegetables. Then there’s the shipping of cattle into a dairy, when the cows are milked that milk goes into a pasteurization process and is then stored in the lovely plastic container you bring home to your own fridge. This gallon (and many others) are then loaded into a special milk truck to be relocated yet again, where it will then be unloaded and placed on a store shelf near you. Without the driver of a refrigerated truck these gallons and gallons of milk would never reach their final destination.

Oils and gas are a huge necessity. I wouldn’t be at the office today writing this article without the fuel in my little Toyota Scion. Transporting such goods is a big (and dangerous) job that requires a special endorsement to be able to haul. Imagine a world where fuel and oil weren’t made available to you. The impact it would have on the economy (which we recently got a taste of during the Colonial Pipeline hack) would be unbearable. Traveling long distances would cease to exist.

Construction of homes and businesses would be heavily affected, both economically supporting the foundation of how we live. Renovations of current buildings would also be put to a halt if the transportation of products such as steel, lumber, concrete, and hardware wasn’t available. All the heavy duty industrial equipment would also not be available to transport if trucking weren't around. Having the option to ship anything virtually anywhere supports our economy in more ways than we can comprehend at a basic level. Our whole world would crumble around us as we know it.

So when you ask “How Does Trucking Affect the Economy?” the real answer is it keeps our entire world afloat. Without trucking, what would we truly have left?

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